A professional service throughout the UK. With over 750 successful matches!

Who joins? 
The short answer is - people like YOU! Forget the media Image that dating agencies are only for the desperate! With today's technology, people are working from home or smaller offices, manned by machines, not people. Whilst the positive advantages are obvious, the major drawback is that people are becoming even more isolated and in need of a service like ours.


When we launched our original dating agency (New Day) back in 1989, we arranged thousands of dates and now have friends all over the world! We introduced more than 750 people to their marriage partner. Some of them are doctors working on the frontline of the NHS; some of them are Vicars and nurses,kitchen designers and film actors.Some of them met in Lancashire and after their marriage, had the most amazing adventure which took them out to the Canary Islands. They usually invite us to visit them at, least once a year and we go to their church which they call home.

So how do I join? 

We ask you to complete the enclosed registration form as fully as possible, bearing in mind that the information given will be treated confidentially. Please return the form to us, together with an up to date photograph of yourself smiling (so NOT a passport photo! Enclose the registration fee .


We hope that, after reading the enclosed information, you will decide to register with us and that we may help you to find that special friend or maybe even a life partner!

Silver Service 

At least 4 introductions during your year of membership- or we will give you another year free! 
We will read out to you a profile of each introduction, over the phone. We will not send you a photo of each introduction; we figure that you will be able to persuade them to send one to you. At your home address,(not ours). 

Gold Service 

We promise to arrange at least 8 introductions, or we will give you another year of membership free! You will receive a typed profile of each introduction, along with a photograph. 
Please  note that we do not send out lists (usually photocopied, by some agencies.) They hope you will have worked your Way to the bottom of the list, before realising that not many were still available to meet you! We always make every effort to ensure that each introduction is still available that is hoping to meet you. 
We promise to start working on your on your behalf the same day your registration form, photo and fee arrives with us. 99% of our past clients would confirm that they  received details of their first introduction within a week of joining.   
Don’t be alone another Christmas!
Gold Service- at least 8 introductions (or we will give you a further year three)

Before you send in your completed registration form, you may like to consider The extra value our unique gold service can offer. For less than £4 per week this represents excellent value.

Diamond Service 

We promised to arrange at least 12 introductions, or we will give you another year of membership free! 
Bespoke service, offering unrivalled level of support throughout the year.  Initial phone interviews, Plus follow-up phone conversations with your personal manager, to check on your progress, offer advice and on-going support, until you indicate that your current introductions successful. 
Full details of each introductions successful. 
Free copy of our 5th Book: ’ Starting Over?’  (We will pay P&P within the UK)


Client Satisfaction 

You can guess that many of our clients join through personal recommendation, often having being disillusioned by other organisations and the huge prices they charge, sometimes up to £2000. These days, they are sad at the prospect of the ‘swipe right & left' idea, where people often have no higher expectations, other than to race off to the nearest hotel room on a first date. Our service is for those who are looking for a long term relationship maybe leading to marriage and who value a professional matching service, run by friendly and caring staff that is just 1 call away.

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‘It seemed impossible after the death of my wife that I would meet someone else. But I have met the right person for me and we have decided to get married and we want to thank you...'



01706 594 487

If you leave a phone message, you will usually get a reply within 24 hours (except weekends and bank holidays)

Or email :suenewda@aol.com 

22b Grane Road, Haslingden, Rossendale, BB4 5EB

Arranging a meeting: 

Once you have decided you would like to arrange a meeting, we always suggest that your first meeting should be in a public space and that you do not allow your new friend into your home until you are confident that you have a established a firm relationship. Take things slowly-  finding out more about each other as your friendship develops naturally. We encourage you to follow this advice because we feel it offers the best opportunity for making  new friends with minimal risks.


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