Our Services

So how do I join?
We ask you to complete the enclosed registration form as fully as possible, bearing in mind that the information given will be treated confidentially. Please return the form to us, together with an up to date photograph of yourself smiling (not a passport photo!). Enclose the registration fee and ensure that you have sent this in the form of a post-dated cheque, dated for 1 month later - you may even choose to send a bankers draft or pay by bank transfer.

These are the levels of Membership:


At least 4 introductions during your year of membership - or we will give you another year free!

We will read out to you a profile of each introduction, over the phone. We will not send you a photo of each introduction; we figure that you will be able to persuade them to send one to you. At your home address (not ours).


We promise to arrange at least 8 introductions, or we will give you another year of membership free! You will receive a typed profile of each introduction, along with a photograph. Please note that we do not send out lists (usually photocopied, by some agencies). They hope you will have worked your way to the bottom of the list, before realising that not many were still available to meet you! We always make every effort to ensure that each introduction is still available and is hoping to meet you. We promise to start working on your behalf the same day your completed registration form, photo and fee arrives with us. 99% of our past clients would confirm that they received details of their first introduction within a week of joining. To complete your match and exchange phone numbers, you simply give us permission to bank your cheque - in that case, do not post date your cheque!

Don't be alone another Christmas!

Gold Service - at least 8 introductions (or we will give you a further year free). Before you send in your completed registration form, you may like to consider the extra value our unique GOLD SERVICE can offer. For less than £4 per week this represents excellent value.


We promise to arrange at least 12 introductions, or we will give you another year of membership free!

Bespoke service, offering unrivalled level of support throughout the year. Initial phone interviews, plus follow up phone conversations with your personal manager, to check on your progress, offer advice and on-going support, until you indicate that your current introduction is successful.

Full details of each introduction given, along with their photo.

Free copy of our 5th book '50 Shades of Grace'.